Sri Lanka Travel Advice is a guide to the best and trending tour destinations in the island.

Pulling rank among the world’s loveliest tropical islands every year, Sri Lanka is the place to go for a magical, mesmerizing adventure you won’t forget. Spectacular beaches, fiery cultural dances on moon-lit mountains, elephants traipsing around and labyrinths of temple ruins to explore; clearly Sri Lanka has it all.

Serenaded by lapis lazuli waters on all sides, the isle is blessed with stretch after stretch of pristine beach front. Just walk along the sands far enough or fall into the nearest hammock and watch the shores become the quiet, beautiful place of legend. There are opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling and even for spotting whales up close. The surf is over the top, the sea food exquisite, and comfortably warm waters here will keep you wanting for more.

Herds of majestic elephants lord over the undisturbed terrains of wilderness here. Sri Lanka Travel Advice recommends a trip to the country’s several national parks to observe elephants, deer and even large leopards up close and personal.

Nothing spells magic quite like the islands upcountry region. Perfectly manicured valleys of green tea plantations and the song of a hundred waterfalls echo throughout the lovely mist-wrapped hillsides of Sri Lanka. Visit a city where an ancient kingly culture holds sway and see for yourself the vibrant traditional dances of old.

Down in the Valley of the Kings, there are temples to visit, ruins to explore and vast remains of ancient cities to lose yourself in. Archaeological wonders and historical treasures litter most of north central Sri Lanka. Beautiful hushed cave temple ruins can still be seen here, along with priceless statues and relics.

Aside from the two monsoon periods, the island sees pretty constant weather.

The paradise perfect location for an action-packed holiday!

Plan your trip here with Sri Lanka Travel Advice for a fantastic tropical experience.

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