7 Top-Rated Beaches in Sri Lanka

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7 Top-Rated Beaches in Sri Lanka

best beaches in sri lanka

The dream of tropical divergence for carefree adventurers around the globe, Sri Lanka is rich in all that makes a destination travel-worthy. A lingering feast of exotic adventure and quiet contentment, this is a land where time slows down to create a cultural and surreal landscape of blissful beauty. And when it comes to serene seafronts, you’ll find all you need and more at the best beaches in Sri Lanka. Here’s our pick of the most magical and luxurious Sri Lankan beaches that are sure to blow your mind.

Best beaches in Sri Lanka – Charmed by the caress of gentle seas and tantalizing beach fronts, Sri Lanka is where utterly perfect beach holidays come to life

1. Arugam Bay

The ultimate fantasy of surf lovers everywhere, Arugam Bay is one of the finest beaches anywhere in the world for a hearty surf ride. Soft cream-colored sands forming a perfect patch of curvy beachfront make these shores the ultimate stop for beach junkies and thrill seekers. Throbbing with a party vibe during the island’s surf seasons, this is an action packed destination for beach bums looking for the best of Sri Lanka’s happening beaches.

best beaches in sri lanka arugam bay

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2. Mirissa

The one place in the Pacific waters to chill and rock at the same time, Mirissa is one of those picture-perfect beaches found only on glossy magazine covers. Beautiful sapphire waters lap against smooth white sands creating a lovely stretch of sunny beachfront fringed by shady palms. A fantastic destination for some laid back beach heaven, Mirissa is the reflection of your hearts’ desire for all things serene and lovely. This is also your ideal beach pick for some whale and dolphin watching. A place to cleanse your soul and live your holiday dream, this is definitely a favorite among the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

best beaches in sri lanka mirissa

Image Source: robertharding.com

3. Hikkaduwa

Sri Lanka has long been famous for the undeniable beauty of its beaches. But pretty sands and blue waters are not all there is to the island’s lovely southern shores. Aside from sun-dappled shores and tempting waters, Hikkaduwa also promises a mesmerizing world of vibrant underwater life. This is, without a doubt one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka to be at one with the heaven beneath the blue seas. A paradise of color and pulsing life, the beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish here are sure to sweep you off your flippered feet. With a sprinkling of top-notch hotels and luxurious resorts around, don’t forget to enjoy the water sports and a spicy plate of sea food while you’re here.

best beaches in sri lanka hikkaduwa

4. Bentota

A world apart from the bustle of the island’s main cities, Bentota is the very definition of ultimate tranquility. Slow-lapping clear waters warmed to perfection invite the travel weary wanderer to explore a beachfront that is both surreal and captivating. One of the best beaches in Sri Lanka that certainly has it all, Bentota is where you can enjoy a luxurious holiday with the sea lapping at your toes. Travelers can enjoy the comfort of several top-rated hotels to revel in a pampered beach vacation or opt for a stay in the countless budget guesthouses in town.

best beaches in sri lanka bentota

5. Unawatuna

Yet another of the island’s loveliest beaches, Unawatuna is a quiet reclusive destination on the island’s southern shores. Soft golden sands meet shimmering silver waters, creating a breathtaking shoreline dotted with green palms. A celebrated spot for safe swimming and decent surf, this beach is a draw among travelers seeking to spend more of their holiday in the water than out.

best beaches in sri lanka unawatuna

6. Nilaevli

If a romantic sunrise on a magical beachfront is on your bucket list, then Nilaveli has exactly the right blend of beauty and magic you look for in a memorable beach holiday. A stretch of pale golden sand meeting an equally mesmerizing stretch of shimmering waters create a tempting vision of the ideal beach escape. The Pigeon Island, located just a short distance away is also an inviting destination for some great snorkeling and diving.

best beaches in sri lanka

7. Passekudah and Kalkudah

A true treat on the sprawling eastern shores of the island, the Passekudah and Kalkudah beaches feature gorgeous sands and crystal clear waters. Perfect for some hearty swimming or a dive among the coral reefs, these waters are blissfully warm and calm. With the emergence of several luxury hotels and resorts in the area, travelers can enjoy a cozy opulent stay here on the island’s finest eastern beach fronts.

best beaches in sri lanka pasekudah

Driver in Sri Lanka is your tour inspiration for exploring the island’s most coveted destinations. Travel with us for the best deals and insights into Sri Lanka’s ravishing beaches. Let us know about your travel experiences and personal beach favorites in the comments below!


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