Urban Utopia: Galle Face Green Colombo

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Urban Utopia: Galle Face Green Colombo

galle face green colombo sri lanka

A never-ending coast line, a tropical sea side adventure; Sri Lanka is where beach bliss comes to you on a silver platter. Of all the pristine shorelines on the island, southern beaches like Mirissa, Bentota and Arugam Bay are perfect to unwind in solitude. But if you’ve got your eye on the busy Colombo capital, then there’s no better beach park you’ll love more than Galle Face Green. A beautiful, relaxing space to rest your soul, this is where you’ll find a dash of nature that can soothe your city travels.

A lovely slice of nature set smack in the center of Sri Lanka’s glossy capital, the Galle Face Green is truly a fantastic sea side escape

How to get here?

The beach is just opposite the old Colonial Ceylon Parliament building in Galle Road. You’ll find the park next to the fabulous Colombo Galle Face Hotel. Seriously, you really couldn’t miss it if you tried.

Why should you visit the Galle Face beach?

A visit to Colombo is just not complete without a trip to the famous Galle Face Green. Why? This massive green beach side park is the largest open space you’ll find in the city. And that’s not all either. The site is also an important part of Sri Lanka’s fascinating colonial history.

As the story goes, the area here was once unusable cranky marshland. The British converted it into the green, cozy land it is today and used it as a sort of pleasure garden. It was first used as a horse racing course and even as a fancy golf course by British governors.

The sea front promenade seen today was built by wealthier British nobles to exercise their horses. Many sports like cricket, golf and football found their place in Sri Lanka after first being played on the Galle Face Green. The park is more elegant than ever today and is a thriving part of Colombo’s history

What to see at Galle Face Green?

Lots of people, excellent street food, romantic sunsets; you really couldn’t ask for more than that! Try to get here in time to catch the sunset. You don’t want to miss the perfect orange-red skies that make the shores glow gold. There’s a definite party vibe in the air and there simply isn’t a better place in Colombo to casually while away your evenings. It can get a bit crowded on the weekends, but hey, you’ll meet fellow travelers and make friends from around the world.

The place can really heat up in the afternoons, so it only starts actually filling up by evening. There’ll be lots of families enjoying the weekend and having a picnic. Galle Face Green is also popular for kite flying. You’ll see a lot of kids running around with kites of all shapes and sizes. You can get a kite from one of the many stalls here if you’d like to. Then comes the scent of the street food vendors to entice your appetite. Do try some ‘’Isso Wade’’, a yummy fried treat with prawns.

You can crack open a cold one with the boys at the nearby Galle Face Hotel, and spend away your evening while the harbor lights twinkle all around and the stars come out. The beach park is also wildly popular for its sheer number of young lovers sitting behind umbrellas. You’re sure to see a great deal of them while you’re here. The sea is also perfect for a great evening swim if you feel like it.

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