Sea Side Siesta: What to See in Mirissa Beach

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Sea Side Siesta: What to See in Mirissa Beach

mirissa beach

Oh, for that perfect stretch of sun-drenched sand and sea… Sri Lanka is where unmatched beach holidays pull at nomadic heartstrings. Tropical fragrance is in the air, so why not treat yourself to some of that coveted sea side beauty? The island’s southern shore has countless heavenly beach escapes to delight your senses. Beaches like Bentota, Arugam Bay and Unawatuna are all magical, but if you’re looking for that subtle touch of romance, then Mirissa Beach is the way to go.

Wondering what to see and do at Mirissa Beach? Check out our take on the top things to do around here

A kip on the beach

Time to crack open a cold one with the boys! There’s nothing more fabulous than a smashing holiday at a sublimely tropical shoreline. Welcome to Mirissa Beach, where the vibes are good and the drinks are cold. Feel the silver soft sands go squish between your toes as you take in this ultimate vision of sea side bliss.

Embrace the caress of the sun on your body while you settle for that super-perfect summer tan. Don’t forget to bring your SPF though! Sun-burns aren’t sexy and it can get pretty warm sometimes. Not to worry though… You’ll find a smattering of lovely palms along the shoreline where you can chill in the shade.

mirissa beach

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A dip in the sea

There really is no end to the water fun you can have while you’re here. Take a dip in the bath-tub warm waters and explore a world of underwater grandeur. The shore slips at a slow pace beneath the waters with no unexpected sand shelves. That alone makes the Mirissa Beach one of the best places for a family vacation. You can actually walk out a fair distance into the sea before the water reaches waist-height.

There’s more though… Mirissa is also a great spot for snorkeling and diving, and the surf isn’t half-bad either. If you got what it takes to explore the depths of the untamed seas, then this is just the place for you. There’s a handful of great diving centers where you can find good dive gear, and even an instructor if you need one. These sapphire waters are just so irresistibly perfect and everyone’s prime choice for a fantastic underwater experience.

You can expect some good surf if you’re here sometime during November to March. But if you’re a hard-core surfer, you might as well get your beach bum to Arugam Bay where surfing is the bomb.

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Whale and dolphin watching

Ah… whale watching has taken the world by storm and there’s nowhere better to do it than at Mirissa beach. There are any number of shore operators that will take you to see these majestic beauties up close. A typical trip would last about four hours and start at the crack of dawn, depending on the day’s weather conditions. You’ll also see a lot of dolphins while you’re at it, so do remember to take your camera!

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Where to stay at Mirissa Beach

You won’t find super-luxurious stays or five-star restaurants around Mirissa. But you’ll definitely find decent places to stay that don’t break the bank. If luxury is a priority, you can always make a booking at a four-star accommodation at Weligama which is pretty close to Mirissa. Just ten minutes away from Mirissa, you’ll find Weligama to be a great base for exploring other beaches and even the fascinating city of Galle.

Local sights

Beach holidays have never been so good. You’ll find a lot to see and do around the area. The tiny town of Weligama is only ten minutes away from the Mirissa Beach. The place is definitely something to see, with its pretty shorelines and truly remarkable bay. You can also take a trip to Galle, a city known both for its stunning sights and grand architecture.

You can even try out a boat ride on the Koggala Lake that lies just inland of the shore. The lake is simply huge with a great variety of wildlife just waiting to be explored. Little islets dot the lake’s shallower regions, while the shores teem with countless exotic animal and bird species.

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