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Top 5 Things to Do in Kandy Sri Lanka

Things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka

Kandy is where the iridescent sunrise bathes mountain peaks in soft pink hues. Silver-hued mists swirling on the hill-tops spellbind the unwary heart and hold it tight. A land at the crossroads of traditional and colonial culture, Kandy is a unique city with a spirit of its own. Explore a city that thrives on kingly vibes, age-old architecture and stunning sights. There’s so much to see here and you’ll find any number of awesome things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka.

A hill-top feast of colorful dances, a thriving heritage and striking beauty, this is an intriguing destination that’s got everything from perfect vistas to excellent adventures and friendly faces.

Our pick of the finest destinations to visit and things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka

1. Temple of the Tooth

A breathtaking monument to honor the dawn of an enlightened kingly era, the Temple of the Tooth attracts countless locals and tourists every year. The temple was built centuries ago to house a tooth of the Buddha himself. With its gleaming white exteriors, gold-gilded roofs and rich interiors, the temple is definitely not something you want to miss. You’ll also get to see a few rare collections and treasures from ages past.

things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka temple

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The central shrine holds the sacred tooth relic while other areas contain museums and more shrines. A few of these different sections include the World Buddhism Museum, the more recently built Aluth Maligawa and the Audience Hall. You won’t be able to see the actual tooth relic. What you will see though, is the golden stupa-like structure that safely encases the relic. You can get a guide to show you around, so you’ll understand more of what you’re seeing.

A central attraction in the very heart of a busy cultural hub, visiting this spot is totally one of the best things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka. Just remember that you’ll be expected to remove your shoes when entering the premises. Also do remember to wear attire that does not leave legs or shoulders exposed.

2. Kandy National Museum

An intriguing collection of ancient artifacts and royal finery can be found in the confines of this surprising institution. The museum also displays a number of interesting paraphernalia that date back to ages before the colonial rule. A copy of the treaty that transferred Kandyan ownership to the British governors can be seen here too. Other areas of the museum hold four shrines and two monasteries used for worship. If you’re into ancient history and artifacts, then yeah, this is so the right place for you. One of the more educational things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka, exploring this site will give you some idea of what life was like before the colonial age.

3. Ceylon Tea Museum

A fascinating peek into the history of the world’s finest tea, the Ceylon Tea Museum is what completes any Sri Lankan tea tour. The premises, re-furbished by the Planter’s Association and the Tea Board is an old tea factory in Hantane. This is both a beautiful and historically valued site in Kandy. You’ll also find a range of tea-related exhibits including ancient tea-processing equipment and other odds and ends dating back to colonial times here. After a tour of the place, don’t forget to treat yourself for a free prime cup of tea in the museum’s tea room.

things to do in Kandy sri lanka ceylon tea museum

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4. Udawattakele Sanctuary

Not far off from the serene cool waters of the Kandy Lake lies the Udawattakele Sanctuary; one of Kandy’s finest attractions. This wildlife reserve also goes by the name of Royal Forest Park of Kandy. This lush forest is an intriguing attraction with its misty canopies and diverse wildlife. The reserve plays home to herds of deer, countless exotic bird species, butterflies and excitable monkeys. Another interesting fact; this sanctuary is also a treasured lifeline to the city since it acts as a key catchment area of water to the area around it. The plant life here is thick and varied with layers of canopied roofs, dense foliage and dimly-lit forest floors.

things to do in Kandy sri lanka wildlife

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The forest is usually safe but visitors are encouraged to be cautious if travelling solo.

5. Asgiriya Maha Viharaya

Yet another of Kandy’s top revered religious complexes, the Asgiriya Maha Viharaya holds a special place in the hearts of Buddhist devotees. The temple is home to Malwatta and Asgiriya, the two most venerated priests of Sri Lanka. One of the oldest creations in the city, the site is believed to have been built by the earliest Kandyan kings as a dwelling place for Buddhist priests. There is a large statue of a reclining Buddha in the premises while the temple holds a number of ancient statues and historical monuments. The temple grounds also contain a cremation site built by post-colonial Kandy kings to be used by the royal family.

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