Divine & Diverse – 10 Days

DAY 01 – Airport / Pinnawala / Kandy

Meet entourage at Colombo Airport and be whisked off to busy Dambulla. Make a stop by the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and cuddle with baby elephants.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

If you love the idea of little baby elephants frolicking freely, then this is your kind of place. Pinnawala is among the worlds largest elephant sanctuaries and home to deserted or orphaned elephants. With around 90 elephants of all ages roaming about, take your time to observe these majestic creatures and bottle-feed one of the little cuties. One of the most spectacular sights here is the daily elephant bath, where the elephants are all herded off into the nearby river to splash around to their hearts content.

Then it’s time to move on to the silver misty landscapes of Kandy.

Take in the colorful views, breathe in the fresh air and set your feet on the cobble-stoned paths of the final capital to ever be ruled by the Sri Lankan Kings. There’s always plenty to see in Kandy, the beautiful hilltop city of light and culture. Starting off with the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, the Kandy Lake and the mystical monasteries are just a handful of the attractions that make the city so popular among holiday makers.

Kandy Tooth Temple

Glinting gold and pearl with the rays of the rising sun, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic houses the single most important relic of Sri Lanka’s religious history, a tooth of the Buddha himself. The chambers containing the well-guarded relic are open to Buddhist advocates and tourists alike.

Cultural Show

The Kandy Folk Show displays some truly amazing historical dances brought to you from generations past. The show reaches its climax with an impressive fire walking ceremony that will take your breath away.

After the fiery showdown, float away to sleep on the softest of Kandyan beds and dream of elephants and dances.

DAY 02 – Kandy / Dambulla / Sigiriya

Snooze away those extra precious minutes and wake up to a scrumptious breakfast and a day of adventure at the little town of Dambulla.

A moderately busy town, Dambulla is best known for its ancient holy sites of worship. The famous Dambulla Golden Cave Temples stand high up in the southern end of the town with Sigiriya being another attraction close by.

Dambulla Golden Cave Temples

The trek up to the gigantic golden structure presents little challenge even to amateur climbers. As the ground drops away over 160 m from the bottom, a large Buddha statue comes into view. Ancient markings and lovely paintings dating back to the first century BC can be seen in these caves, along with several Buddha statues.


Sigiriya, sometimes hailed as the worlds eighth wonder has a story going back as far as the 5th century AD. Constructed to be the apex of power and home to the genius King Kasyapa, this massive rock fortress shows off some of the worlds finest architecture and engineering. Climb right up to the top to be rewarded with a magical view of the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

After you’ve caught your breath, it’s time to return to Dambulla for a gargantuan dinner and a cozy overnight stay.

DAY 03 – Dambulla / Trincomalee

Yawn your way down to breakfast and gorge yourself on a very large, very full breakfast plate. Then it’s time to start the road trip to Trincomalee, one of the world’s most amazing natural harbors.

A visit to Trincomalee is always entertaining; beautiful beaches, a smattering of historical attractions and lots of things to do.

Here you will visit the Kandasamy Kovil, a thriving place of worship claiming a history of over two millennia. The temple is believed to shield the island from natural catastrophes, and draws a steady stream of pilgrims every year.

Next, we will move on to Fort Frederick, initially constructed by the Portugese and later developed by both the Dutch and British. The fortress is strategically located inland of a narrow peninsula, creating a perfectly defensive front. Canons and other weaponry are on display here along with the Royal insignias posted at the tunnels mouth.

After a hard days exploring, it’s time to hit the sack. Let the waves lull you to sleep as the gentle ocean breeze wafts you into dreamland.

DAY 04 – Trincomalee / Nilaveli

Catch a few extra winks and shuffle down for a sublime serving of Sri Lankan breakfast. After breakfast, you have free reign over the town. Consider spending the day on Tricomalee’s uber-perfect beaches, or feel free to continue checking out the towns numerous attractions.

With bath-tub warm turquoise waters and soft golden sands, the Nilaveli and Uppuveli beaches are enough to distract you for a long while yet. There are also diving and snorkeling activities available to keep you busy. The Trincomalee waters are abundant in shoals of colorful fish and beautiful reefs fanning across the shallow sea floors.

Visit the Kanniya Hot Water Wells for a dip into a historical site entwined with legend and magic. If you care to see more here, there are also the remains of an ancient temple lying close by.

Another must see destination in Trincomalee is the Pigeons Island National Park. This tiny island lies a simple distance away from Nilaveli’s golden reaches, and is home to countless rock pigeons. The island also sports several beautiful water pools carved into the bedrock with the passage of time.

DAY 05 – Trincomalee / Arugambay

Open up to a new day of life and opportunity while being driven to picture-perfect Arugam Bay, right after wolfing down yet another of palatable Sri Lankan breakfasts.

Make a stop by the Pasikuda beach, a pristine stretch of lovely white sand gleaming under crystal clear waters. With only gentle shallow waters going all the way in for several hundred meters, the beach is a super safe zone to get your swimming cap on and your best foot forward.

After wrapping up the fun at Pasikuda, it’ll be time to settle in for the night at yet another of Sri Lanka’s flawless beaches, Arugam Bay.

DAY 06 – Arugambay

Wake up bright-eyed for a day of sunning and tanning. Few beaches in the world can compare with Arugam Bay in terms of excellent surf and spirit. The spectacular surf, the excitement and the velvet sands make it the right place for both action-seekers and beach bums alike. Ride the greatest surf you’ll find on the Pacific or nap the day away while chilling in a hammock.

As dusk takes over the glorious sunset, it’s time to slip into your warm cozy bed and wonder if life ever gets better than this.


Rise and shine for a new day of adventuring. Finish a final breakfast at Arugam Bay and set and be escorted to the breath-taking undisturbed wildlife at Udawalawe. A whopping few hours drive later, you can visit the Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home, where you can watch cute baby elephants being bottle fed. After lunch, it’s time to venture into the unknown.

Prepare to spend the rest of the day safariing amidst fields of blue-green grass and terrains of raw wilderness stretching in every direction. Welcome to beautiful Udawalawe, where the wild elephants lord over grassy fields and sambar deer dance away the golden hours. The park is also the right place to get your fill of lazy full-sized crocs, buffaloes and even the occasional leopard.


Prepare to be swept off to the deliciously inviting shores of Mirissa. After a hearty breakfast there, we’ll be off voyaging through sparkling clear waters to get up close and personal with whales and dolphins. If a trip to see the great friendly beasts of the ocean inspires you, then Mirissa won’t disappoint. After a day with these beautiful ocean mammals. Unwind on the tempting sands and give in to a sweet coconut while you’re at it. After a hard day’s expedition, it’s time to hit the sack. Let the waves lull you to sleep as the gentle ocean breeze wafts you into dreamland.

DAY 09 – Galle

Roll over, hit the snooze and catch a few more winks before breakfast.

Start touring the lovely coastal town of Galle after a hearty breakfast, where the wind sings a timeless melody among olden Dutch-colonial buildings. From the picturesque Galle Fort to the Old Gate and collection of charming Dutch Churches, Galle is a map of irresistible attractions from one end to the other.

Galle Fort

Ravishing in its splendor, this ancient Portuguese structure was renovated by later Dutch settlers and serves today as a major attraction in the area. This construction remains among the best preserved buildings in Asia and is a definite tourist mecca for all who enter the colonial city. Aside from the colonial villas spread out across the town, other attractions worth your time here are the Dutch Reformed Church, Museum and the Clock Tower.

As the darkness draws nigh and your feet and mind are weary, it’s high time to slumber the night away in peace.

DAY 10 – Colombo / Negombo / Airport

After a final sumptuous Sri Lankan breakfast, it’s time to head to the airport for your flight back home. If your flight time allows it, we would be simply delighted to show you around Colombo on the way. Depending on your schedule, we could also escort you to a hotel in the little fishing town of Negombo.

More than just a busy capital, Colombo has plenty of beautiful landmarks and sights to explore. A patchwork of new and old architecture, modern hotel chains and flashy sky scrapers dominate the sky line while the city’s lower reaches bustle with commerce. Museums and sophisticated restaurants dot the more high-end section of the vibrant city, but there are always good bargains to make, great food and surprises to be found in every nook and cranny of the city.

Meanwhile Negombo, a small tiny coastal town near Colombo is the right place to see local fishermen bringing in their daily haul and shout out their wares. This is also the town where you’ll taste the best sea food you’ll find anywhere on the island. A few popular sights around town are the Dutch Fort and the Canal.